S5 Model

The S5 Model is a multi-purpose vehicle that can be used for tasks of internal security, riot control, reconnaissance, escort, and as a mobile platform for defense systems. The extremely good range of vision offered by large bullet-proof windows ensures that the vehicle can be easily driven even in normal traffic.


Properties & Specifications:

Protection: Armored steel Protection, Bullet Resistance Glass Protection, Mine V-shape protection
Seating: Driver & Commander + 10 Crew
Max power: 270 HP at 2500 rpm
Max Torque: 870 Nm at 1800 rpm
Speed (on road): 105 km/h
Wheel: Radial tire, tubeless, run-flat
Overall Length 6,800 mm (approx.)
Overall Width 2,550 mm (approx.)
Height without weapon 2,410 mm (approx.)
Wheel Base 3,600 mm
Ground Clearance 350 mm
Curb Weight 10,400 kg


– Air Conditioning System
– Public Speaker System
– Beacon Light
– Communication Radio
– CCTV System
– Search Light
– Hydraulic Operated Steel Cover
– Cupola or Turret