Bullet-Proof Car

Limited Edition Bullet Proof Level B6:

•Vehicle: V8 Toyota Land Cruiser GXR-Petrol 2015 Model


• Leather Seats
• Reverse Camera
•Side Cameras Fridge

The Vehicle has been armoured using ballistic glass of thickness 39 – 40 mm from Glass Shield FZE and Domex Protect 500 of 6.5mm thickness to meet the ballistic specifications detailed below.

Ballistic Specifications:

B6 level are armoured using materials, both opaque and transparent, that meet or exceed the requirements of the European CEN 1522/ 23 and CEN 1063 standards to the level FB6 for opaque areas and BR6 for transparet areas. All four sides of the passenger compartment and the roof of the vehicle are protected using high-quality armour steel and glass defeating 7.62×51 mm M80 Nato ball ammunition ( U.S. NIJ level Ill, CEN level FB6/BR6) and 5.56×45 SS 109 ammunition ( CEN level FB5/BRS and FB6/BR6) at 0″ incidence ( 90 degree to surface ) and 10m range according to CEN 1063 and CENI 522.


the floor of the Vehicle is designed to defeat the following hand greandes Two DM51 ( german Norm) detonate simultaneously.