Smoke Hand Grenade


DK- 3M has lever-Type fuse and is grenade and CS Explosive. When Starting it by removing its safety pin, it explodes in the air and emits tear CS power toward all directions within the radius of 5 m to contaminate the area. Its case shell is made with plastic that doesn’t break apart, and both Throw type and launcher type can be applied, and it doesn’t have any metal parts so that safety can be assured.


•Diameter: 54mm +/- 1 mm
•Size (length): 110mm +/- 2mm
•Weight: 145g +/- 5g

Technical Data:

•Model: DK- 3m
•Body Material : ABS (Plastic)
•Total Chemical Weight: 50g
•Delay Time : 2 — 3 Sec
•Fuze Type: M201 Al
•Launchable (Yes/No): Yes
•Throwing Distance: 30 50m
•Hazard Ckass L 6.1 or 4.1
•Packing: 40 Units/l box