Short & Long Range Tear Gas Shell

DK- 382, CS Cartridge is burning type, and it is loaded into 38mm Anti-Riot gun to be discharged, it is discharged at high angleof approximately 40 degree toward demonstrators who are 100m

or farther away, and a case shot that was discharged is burnt in the space and emits CS gas on the earth. case shot shell is made in aluminum, and projectile is made in aluminum compound, it is effective to settle a down demonstrators who are far away.


•Diameter: 38mm +/- 1 mm
•Size (length): 120mm +/- Imm
•Weight: 175g +/- 5g

Technical Data:

•Total Chemical Weight: 65g +/- 3g
•Delay Time: 3-2 sec
•Burn Time: 20 +/- 5 sec
•Range ( by 38mm Anti-Riot Gun): Over 100m
•Charge: CS Mixture
•Cartridge Material : Aluminum
•Projectile Material: Aluminum
•Shelf Life: 5 Years
•Hazard Class : 6.1 or 4.1
•Packing : 80 Units/Box